Monday, January 26, 2009

Friday, March 28, 2008

What is a Creative Brand Manager?

We had a man named Jeff Samitt, from Circuit City come in and speak to us the other day. His definition of a creative brand manager was:

"It is a intensive marketing program on steroids."

I love it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The CBM (Creative Brand Manager) is a Storyteller

Have you ever sat down to listen to a good storyteller? It is an amazing experience. As the story unfolds before your ears, your thoughts drift and imagine the vibrant colors, expansive views, and you can even smell the scents and subtle nuances of the scene inside your head. Once the description gets into the mind of the individual it takes a journey of its own, soaring to new heights. The story begins to thrive and the individual gives it a new life within them. Making the story evolve into something that the individual creates. It is an awesomely powerful thing.

I had a third grade teacher who would made me sit on my toes listening with such an intensity that I felt like my head might explode. It was almost as if I was being sucked into a spell. I remember one time she told a scary story that was not in the least bit frightening, but it was in her description, her tones that rose and fell, that lulled you into a relaxed state, and then would snap with such ferocity I would jump out of my skin. And even though it startled me I found myself left wanting more. It was if I was lost in a desert and I needed a drink. The stories were my water. That was a good storyteller, something that was told so well it left the listener or reader wanting more. They never want the story to finish. Her story was called Tailly-Poe.

Whenever I finish reading a good book I go through a little depression because I am sad that the story is over. I want the words to go on forever. This can be the same for a strong brand. A strong brand has a great story behind it. There are many obvious choices that can fill this stereotype like Nike, Apple, Mini, etc., but there are many other brands whose story needs to be told. The story needs to be told in a way that it takes on its own life and grows within its listeners.

The Creative Brand Manager helps to bring these stories to life. I have worked on some great brands at the Brandcenter such as: Brand America, Cadillac, Toys ‘R’ Us, Jones Soda, Toro Lawn Mowers, Zipcar, and L'Occitane. It has been a fun exciting experience to tell the story of each of these brands and to bring them to life. The only problem has been that it is all a game at school, and I look forward to actually telling real stories.

Friday, March 7, 2008

How to Differentaite a Creative Brand Manager from and MBA

If you are looking for an MBA well then a Creative Brand Manager (CBM) is not what you want. But the CBM offers something different and unique that you won't find in a MBA candidate. I want to bring into light 3 ideas that will help differentiate the CBM from a MBA.

1) Creative - The CBM uses strategy and insight to come up with creative solutions to a problem.

2) Innovative - The CBM constantly is thinking about how to improve the story of a brand in an innovative way. The CBM is used to outside the box thinking, and looks at the situation from all angles to find the innovative solution.

3) Collaborative - The CBM works in teams and is used to working with a strategist, copywriter, and an art director. The CBM learns early on how to bring out the best qualities and strengths within the team, and is used to breaking the silos down.


It is time for a new beginning. When I started this blog I had no direction, and my opinion was nonexistent. I posted about meaningless shit that I found on the Internet, stupid crap that had no bearing on who I am and what I think. When I wrote there was no substance behind my words. It was mindless dribble, and I found that I was only posting in order to have a blog. So it is time to start anew. What I hope to accomplish is to show those who read this what a Creative Brand Manager is, and what I am capable of. I will write about what I am working on and things that are happening in the advertising industry. Also, I will throw in some random postings as well, but I want to make sure that there is more substance to what I write.